Electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI) Cloud Backup

Data Fast Solutions ePHI Backup

A Trusted Partner in HIPAA Compliant ePHI Back-Up

As HIPAA certified I.T. professionals, Data Fast Solutions is an expert in cloud storage for healthcare organizations large or small. We understand that secure storage of ePHI is imperative and we have the technology and expertise to ensure it’s done properly. With Data Fast Solutions’ cloud storage, ePHI is not only safe and secure, it’s always quickly and easily accessible to authorized personnel.

With Data Fast Solutions’ ePHI Back-up Service, HIPAA compliance and ePHI go hand-in-hand

Data Fast Solutions ePHI BackupWith vastly more knowledge of HIPAA than most I.T. organizations, Data Fast Solutions knows the importance of ePHI and the implications if it is compromised. Many I.T. companies offer data storage and back-up services in the cloud, but few have the knowledge of HIPAA rules and regulations, in regard to electronic data, the way Data Fast Solutions does. To ensure your healthcare organization is backing up ePHI securely and effectively, contact Data Fast Solutions today.

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