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Building an Effective HIPAA Compliance Team

Hipaa ComplianceData Fast Solutions’ News provides information on HIPAA compliance which covers everything from auditing business associates to ensuring technology in healthcare is secure. HIPAA IT compliance articles are written by many other IT and healthcare related companies as well and are easily accessed with a simple Google search. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has extensive data on HIPAA compliance and regulation and offers training resources. Yet, media coverage of HIPAA continues to relay stories about data breaches which have resulted in billions of dollars in fines due to the compromised personal information of millions of individuals.

In reviewing the U.S. Health and Human Services breach report for cases currently under investigation for the past month (November, 2018), most of the reported incidents were due to hacking and most of the individuals affected were through business associates. The information stolen was obtained from large and small companies alike and occurred across the country in many different states through email, network servers, laptops, desktops, portable devices and more. Whether your technology is hardware or software related, in the cloud or on a single device, hackers continue to profit from what has turned into a multi-billion dollar business. Malware, such as ransomware, has been, and continues to be, a concerning factor as are phishing attacks.

So, how are hackers stopped? What can help lessen the possibility for an attack on your company? Use Google to try to find the answers and you will get the same information that’s been available for decades such as ongoing training, backing up data, implementing effective policies and procedures, and testing. These are all excellent approaches and used collectively and consistently, they can help lessen an attack. Collectively means building a solid HIPAA compliance team.

As a patient, just as you would want a specialist, rather than a general practitioner, to thoroughly address a heart or neurological issue, you need a team made up of HIPAA compliance specialists to ensure your company’s well-being. Whether you employ 5 people or 5,000, your HIPAA compliance team should be made up of the following to effectively combat hackers:

HPAA Jigsaw  • HIPAA Privacy and Security Officers

     The role of a HIPAA Privacy and Security Officer should be in-house and can be held by one person in smaller offices, but it is recommended that it be held by two or more individuals to ensure the integrity and manageability of the role in larger companies.

  • A HIPAA/HITECH Certified Professional

     A HIPAA/HITECH certified IT professional can be in-house or outsourced.

Companies with these professionals in place have the ability to recognize potential HIPAA breach activity much sooner than those who are not well-versed in specific HIPAA rules and regulations. If all responsibilities assigned within these roles are carried out consistently and collectively, a hacker’s ability to obtain HIPAA data is drastically reduced.

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